People are more valuable than all the gold in the world, and everyone has a golden side that is often hidden.

TraumBIZ has set itself the task of exposing your golden side, making it visible to the world of work and thereby securing your professional future.

Jobcoaching Modular system

Individual makes sense

It is a coaching in which you are advised and accompanied. Whether you are a young professional, a young mother, 50plus or self-employed, the TraumBIZ Coaching is tailored to your needs and offers you flexibility in terms of both intensity and content.

Flexible structure

As part of our concept, we rely on the highest possible degree of flexibility. Therefore, there are no ready-made timetables for the TraumBIZ modules. Depending on the needs, duration and specifications of the client, an individual module plan is drawn up together. This can be changed at any time.

Module plan continuously updated

Based on a wide range of modules, we can adapt to your individual needs and make the coaching effective and extraordinary. The modules are continuously updated, adapted and expanded.

We want you to go to work enthusiastically, come home satisfied and live a full life. We achieve this through job coaching, among other things.

Contact us! Or ask the Jobcenter or the Agentur für Arbeit for a TraumBIZ job coaching! TraumBIZ helps you to secure your professional future!